The sun is finally out, the birds are singing, and the fly’s are out in full force. OK, it isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, but June is Camping Month, and it’s a great opportunity to get outside with the family and enjoy the great outdoors.

As we have seen in our previous couple of blogs, research has shown that getting outdoors is excellent for both your physical and your mental health, so if you have been putting it off, why not use the excuse of National Camping Month to book up and get outdoors for a camping holiday?

History of Camping Month

Camping began in the 1800’s when a man named Thomas Hiram Holding began to popularise the idea of recreational camping. Camping was a part of his life introduced to him by the rigors of the Oregon Trail, and once he had settled, it turned into a passion he pursued and introduced to others. Once camping in general had become popularised, Thomas went on to introduce the idea of Cycle Camping to the American world. This is, quite simply, where you load up on a bike and ride until you find a spot to camp, get up the next day, and do it all over again. Sounds pretty free and easy huh?

What is likely the first commercial campground opened in Douglas, Isle of Man in 1894 and was called Cunningham’s Camp. From this point in history all sorts of new types of camping came into existence, from mere weekend family getaways, to RV camping, and everything in between. Whether rafting down a river in a Canoe and setting up camp in the evening, or hiking into the woods far from civilization with a backpack full of your gear, Camping Month celebrates them all.

How to celebrate Camping Month

Well this has got to be the easiest answer ever, GO CAMPING. Even if it’s just a pop-up tent and sleeping bag in your garden under the stars, we encourage you to get out there and reconnect with the great outdoors. If you’re looking for an enhanced camping experience outside of your home then check out availability at The Dower House.

We have both electric and non-electric pitches in the heart of Thetford forest. And if you haven’t yet made the plunge in buying all camping equipment, but if you want to see what its like – we have deluxe camping options with our fully loaded Glamping tents complete with beds, linens, cooking equipment and even games for the kids! All you need to bring is yourself, your clothes and some food!

So to check out availability visit, and go celebrate Camping Month by going camping!